Our Mission:  Encountering God, Embracing People, and Engaging the World.

      "Think what a local church would be like if its people were radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to each other, and     

       relentlessly dedicated to reaching those outside God's family with the Gospel of Christ. It would be an unstoppable force ... 

       a testimony to God's unfailing grace. It would be a church against which the gates of hell could not prevail!" 

                                                                                                                           -Bill Hybels, 1998 Leadership Summit Vision Statement

Our vision is to introduce people to the person of Christ so that they might KNOW Him, develop the disciplines to GROW in Him, discover their God-given gifts in order to SERVE Him, and be equipped to SHARE Him with others.

KNOWING CHRIST Jesus came to seek and save lost people. Many people in our society have been turned off by the church without ever understanding who Christ is or how to have a relationship with Him. We will provide opportunities in which people can learn the truth about Jesus in order to experience His love and forgiveness. Our desire is for each individual to discover a personal and life-changing relationship with Christ. 

GROWING IN CHRIST Once people have met Christ, growth in their faith is vital, enabling them to live obediently to His commands and be conformed to His character. Spiritual maturity is a process; therefore, we provide opportunities to learn the disciplines needed for growth. These include the habits a daily quiet time with God through Bible reading and prayer, corporate worship, stewardship of time and resources, and accountability which is necessary to maintain these disciplines.

SERVING CHRIST Salvation in Jesus Christ includes a call to ministry. God has uniquely shaped each individual for service. We believe Christians will become fruitful and fulfiIled when they discover, develop and use their God-given gifts and abilities. Every believer has a specific and equally important ministry for building up the body of Christ. Our task is to enlist, train and support these people. 

SHARING CHRIST The Great Commission calls us to penetrate not only our community, but the world with the Good News of Christ. We desire every believer to be equipped to share the Gospel, consistent with their personal style. On a local level, individuals are committed to praying for and building genuine relationships with unbelievers, sharing Christ and the impact He has made in their lives. Our goal is that ultimately those who are reached will reach others. On a worldwide level, believers participate in mission endeavors through prayer, financial support and serving as both short-term and career missionaries. 


SCRIPTURE Scripture, not human wisdom, is the final authority of what we believe and how we live. It is the basis for our instruction and is at the core of all we do as a church. Consequently, we are committed to relevant Biblical teaching and preaching, believing that it can be life-changing.

PRAYER Prayer should be continual communication with God. We believe that it is the foundation upon which ministry and the church must be built. It is a primary way of fighting the spiritual battle we are waging for the Kingdom. 

WORSHIP The essence of Biblical worship is the celebration of God as supremely valued and worthy. We are to worship Him in every aspect of life. In worship, we respond to who God is and what God has done. In our corporate worship services, we strive for worship that is God-centered and includes such things as: prayer, singing, praise, thanksgiving, listening, giving, Biblical teaching, confession, meditation, reading of Scripture, use of drama, use of media and personal testimony. 

LOST PEOPLE Evangelism is primarily a struggle in the Kingdom fight. To introduce people to Jesus Christ is to give them the opportunity to leave the Kingdom of darkness and enter into the Kingdom of God. Sharing the reality of Jesus Christ with others and how they may know Him is at the heart of Water's Edge. 

COMMUNITY The Church is called to be a unique community of people who are radically committed to one another because of their common commitment to Jesus Christ. We express this common commitment by holding one another accountable to live a Biblical lifestyle and corporately participating in worship, relationships, instruction and prayer. We want to function as a body of believers, not simply a collection of people. 

DISCIPLESHlP Discipleship is the process of helping another Christian to mature in Christ. The long-term impact of the ministry at Water's Edge will be a reflection of how well we disciple believers, equipping them for ministry and the Christian life. This means investing our lives in the lives of people who will then impact others. 

STEWARDSHIP Everything we possess is God's. Therefore, we are under the obligation to invest our time, talent and financial resources effectively for the advancement of His Kingdom. We are to strive to be conduits through who God can channel His resources to accomplish His agenda. 

SERVICE The church is not only a field of ministry, but a force for ministry. For this reason, all believers need to be involved in using their gifts for the Kingdom. The results will be fruitfulness and fulfillment. 

ECO - A Covenant Order of Presbyterians

WATER'S EDGE is a member of ECO and we uphold the same core values. 

ECO is more than a denomination. It is a movement that seeks to build flourishing churches

that make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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