Children at Water's Edge


    Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”   

                                                                                                                                                                  Matthew 19:14

Welcome to Water’s Edge Children’s Ministry! Jesus spoke of the importance of loving and ministering to children, and pointed to them as those to whom the Kingdom of Heaven belongs! We can tell that Jesus thought very highly of children, and made a point of including them during His ministry on earth. We also see the importance of making children a significant part of our church, both by including them in our weekly worship celebration, as well as creating specific programming for their spiritual growth and education.

Children at Sunday Worship Celebrations

This is one of the reasons children are purposefully included at the beginning of our worship service with sermons or songs geared just for them! By attending alongside parents, church becomes a family worship experience in which parents model for their child(ren) what it means to go to church and begin a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. We want the habits created in a child’s most formative years to be carried on into adulthood, and believe that children attending church with their families is an important aspect to this.


Children, infants through 5th grade, are checked in by their parents at the Children’s Check-in Table. Here, each family receives a nametag with a unique number written on it. Please bring this tag back with you to pick up your child at the end of their class so that the teacher can verify that your are authorized for pick up. Any allergies or special needs a child may have can and should be be noted at this time. Children 0-35 months are welcomed to our nursery at the start of service. Children ages 3 and up go to the Worship Center with their parents and worship with thier familes for the initial part of the service.

After the children’s sermon, song, skit or additional cue from our kids' ministry volunteers, the children are escorted by their teachers to their classrooms for Sunday School. Following the service, parents pick up their child(ren) at their classroom, matching the number on your child's nametag with the number on yours.


All volunteers and paid childcare workers have had a background check completed on them to help ensure the safety of all our students. We utilize a 3-4 child per one childcare worker/volunteer ratio in the nursery to make sure our infants and toddlers are well taken care of. Our check-in procedure helps ensure the safety of our children. Nursery items and play materials for children under two are cleaned and sanitized before the onset of each class.


Currently, we have 5 Sunday School Classes; Nursery (0-16 months), Toddlers & Two's (17 mos-35 mos), Preschool (3-5 year-olds), K - 4th grade.  


Our preschool and elementary teachers utilize curriculum that accompanies the books The Story for Little Ones and The Story for Children. The Story takes our children through the Bible once each year. The curriculum is designed to encourage the children to go a little deeper each year as they get older and more mature in their understanding of God and his ways. Our two-year-olds have a separate Sunday School curriculum that follows the same journey through the Bible as the older children, but is geared specifically for this age group allowing for more repetition of stories. These teachers use the Bible Big Books from Group Publishing to tell the stories each week. 


Our Children's Ministry creates events designed specifically for them. And many Water's Edge activities are designed so that children are easily included. Keep an eye out for announcements for activities throughout the year.

For more information about Children's Ministry, please contact Karen Palacios.


5th-8th Graders meet for Sunday School 3x a month. On the first Sunday of the month they remain with the rest of the church family during worship service, including the teaching time. 

Youth Group -  (I.O.I) Image of the Invisible- Water's Edge Youth meet Sunday evenings  at First Baptist Church of El Segundo from 5-6:30pm.  A light supper is included.  Contact Avery Drost, Youth Director for more information.